No call back?! Here are 5 reasons

Have you ever given your very best in an interview and walked out knowing this is for you but after two weeks or more still no call? This happens a lot and we would like to guide you to some of the things that hindered that call back. Here are some of the reasons:

Your First Impression: You have probably had this time and time again but a first impression hands a lot to your interviewers even before you try to prove your worth to them. This could be with the dress code, use of language or attitude. The dress code used for an air hostess candidate cannot be used for an accountant candidate and vice verses. A very serious look may be communicating an uptight individual; no one wants to work with that. Casual talk with use of slang could also cost you that position. Just remember that “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” Will Rogers.

You lack Interpersonal Skills: Your CV is perfect but you lack interpersonal skills. There are so many candidates that lack the ability to effectively talk to people. The use of polite language, friendly gestures, eye contact and a smile are enough for the interviewee to second guess your ability to be an effective professional. You need to show your potential employer that you can talk to people seamlessly and fit well within a team.

You are under or over qualified: You either lack the skills or experience for the job role or have exceeding amount for experience and they can’t afford you for that job. This is unfortunate because most candidates find themselves in such a position. As always advised, it is important that you do your back ground search on the role to determine if indeed you correctly match the skills and qualifications advertised.

You were just not a good fit for the role: It so happens that recruiters usually know the type of candidate they are looking to hire for the specific position. Some positions require and older candidate for a certain level of maturity or a younger candidate for a fresh look. Other positions require candidates that are available and therefore willing to work long hours. These are all factors that may come off as sad but they do have an effect on whether you get that role or not.

You didn’t sell yourself enough: It is no lie the job market is tight these days. Competition is high and the bar marks to determine the right candidates are even higher. In this case, do not be afraid to show off some of the achievements you have made in your previous experiences. This will give your potential employers a feel of what you can bring to the table for them. They will like your confidence and see you as a good representative for their company if you are hired. Remember, you are not the only candidate applying for the position so presenting yourself as the best option is something you should not take lightly.