Internship; How to get in the game

Job seekers are in the know that extra experience in the ‘real world’ is necessary. While this is true, many of you are confused on how to start the search for internships and relevant work experience. Here are some tips;

Know what you want: The internship you are trying to get should be tailored to your interest and skills. You should know that if your expertise lies in accounting, you probably won’t be qualified for an engineering or nursing internship. An internship is supposed to help enhance your skills not throw you off your career aspirations.

Prepare and do your research: Get your CV and academic documents ready. Google your brains out. There are so many CV samples and templates online. Take a look and customize to your desire. Also, it is vital that you take a look at specialized recruiting websites. With availability of internet, it is impossible to miss out on the job postings and adverts of available job openings. Look at the organizations that you see yourself working with. This might sound easy but you should be aware that when looking at the company websites, spending merely 20-30 minutes is not research, it’s like skimming material right before a test. This is a path to failure while in that interview room.

Be prompt and Persistent: Recruiters are busy people; they appreciate someone who is on top of their game and who responds quickly and efficiently. Also, to get an internship you must be a special breed of persistent. You should be able to follow-up (Kindly of course) on your application and keep applying to various companies.

Find your network. In most cases most universities or colleges have career advise centers. It is here that you will be able to be aware of career fairs where you could meet potential employers. Also make use of those friends and lecturers; they could know someone who knows someone looking for a dedicated and hardworking fresh graduate.

Internships are a golden ticket that could take you to the next step in your career, so although you might be desperate to get that experience, you need to be calculating yet proactive.