Four lessons smart people shouldn’t forget

The longer you work the more things you learn. This is a great thing but during this process, people also forget certain crucial things as time goes by. Sometimes you need a fresher on the valuable lessons to take along with you as you grow. Let’s take you through:

Your next mistake won’t be your last: Making mistakes is part of the process. You might think that because you passed with a first class degree or have worked long enough, everything should be perfect. You should know it all by now!  But the truth is you are going to make a mistake once or twice and even more. Don’t beat yourself over your imperfections but rather look at them as stepping stones. No one is flawless and you have to come to terms with the fact that obstacles are going to happen. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared when you have them.

You have to ask for what you want: It would be a great thing if every time we thought of something, we got it. Life doesn’t happen like that. If you want that promotion or even are at that interview, ask for what you want while giving reasons why you deserve it. Life doesn’t hand you silver spoons, you have to go and get them.

Success takes time: Yes it does! Anyone that told you success happens over night with some luck and a great investment- they were not telling you the truth. It takes time and hard work to create networks, build relationships in the work environment and get noticed as an enthusiastic hard worker that has the passion for what they do.

Work and life are mutually inclusive: The work you do and how your do it has a direct impact on how you enjoy your life. When work is a struggle, it’s hard to enjoy time outside the office. Concurrently, your personal life will have an impact on your work tasks.  Therefore our decisions should align with our values outside work and our choices should support the lives we want to create.

We hear these pointers all the time but yet somehow we easily fail to apply them when faced with peculiar situations. So once in a while it is important to get reminders so that we are on the right path.