How to lay a foundation for your job search

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“Growing your career or a business is an evolution—not a revolution,” Ryan Alovis

This quote interestingly weaves in everything within this topic of discussion. Key words are: Evolution and Revolution. An evolution is a gradual process, its progressive and it takes time. A revolution, on the other hand, is sudden usually unexpected. The question is, but how often do you just get a revolution in your career without actually putting in the work? Never! So, a foundation has to be laid in order for your career to evolve.

Laying a foundation for your next job is a process you cannot take for granted. Weather you love your job or are looking for a job; you have to put some thought into your career and the next step towards it.  Most people have goals and ambitions but the problem is that most people just stopped at that, setting goals (Read: how to accomplish goals). There is a lot you can do to position yourself for and even stumble on future opportunities. Here’s how:

Build your job expertise:

You might know exactly what you want to do or have an inkling of the areas in your current job that you wouldn’t mind doing in the future. This presents you with an opportunity to build on that expertise either through certification programs or company structured training. You could even take on self- driven experiences like taking online courses. Whatever the strategy, this helps you build your expertise and it also shows your initiative for personal development and career growth.

Learn something new:

Instead polishing up on what you already know, try something entirely different. Learning something new will help you stay in touch with other fields. No one wants to hire someone that needs training from scratch. So, learn the basics of everything; coding, excel, anything that will help you stretch your brain from what you are used to.

Figure out your Values:

This is very important while you try to understand yourself as a professional. It helps you visualize and understand the roles you apply for and if they fit with your persona. For example; do you care about recognition, overtime hours or supervisory roles? This will help you figure out the kind of position that will make you happy in the future. Start by keeping notes on what makes you excited to be at work and what makes you want to pull out your hair.

Push for Results:

No matter how small your current role is, push to create and make the most from it. Start by writing down notes of things you have achieved and how you achieved them. These pointers will separate you from an ordinary employee but as an outstanding top performer- one that goes above and beyond their JD (Job Description) to get things done. After you have these points, make sure you can clearly articulate your impact when in an interview session. Nothing bores an interviewer faster than listing out your job responsibilities, so do your future self a favor and start lining up some big achievement stories.

These steps will guide you in your decision making when sending in those applications and help you become an all rounded excellent employee any recruiter won’t resist. All the best in that job search.