6 Email Etiquette Notes

The world is changing and yes we are well aware that the modes of communication have changed drastically. The mode of talking to each other has changed from traditional face to face conversations to mobile phones with text ability and with phone applications like the WatsApp, Viber or Emails. Email messaging has become the most formal mode of conversation on the business platform. It is therefore embarrassing to send messages that could be detrimental to your professional interaction. Today we want to give you a brief on some of the basic dos and don’ts for your email conversation:

Use a Professional Address: Just like first time meetings, email addresses also give a first impression. Before anyone goes on to read your message, the email address you present gives you away. Gone are the days when internet platforms were new and you had to find a name for each of them; Face book, MySpace, YouTube, yahoo mail etc. Using a fun and catchy name for example beerlover@mail.com or fungirl@mail.com was common. Such emails are very unprofessional and before anyone can read your email, it will go straight to spam or at worst get deleted. It is advisable that you use an email with your names and not anything that might give the wrong impression of your character.

Subject Line: It is no doubt that this is a must have! Be clear and direct. Always use a brief subject line to communicate the intention of the email. For example “Meeting change Date” “Suggestions for upcoming presentation” or “Job Application”. These are all options you could use. Don’t write a whole paragraph in your subject lines.

Your message: Always begin with a salutation. Don’t begin with laid back expressions like, “hey guys!” “Yo” or “What’s up people?!” Even if you know the person really well, always have a standard form of greeting. For example “Hi’, “hello” or “Dear” are more appropriate.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): While you learn to have this more at your work space, your conversation via email messaging has to portray the same. Limit the use of exclamation marks in your emails. Sometimes people get carried away while typing an email by including an exclamation mark in a sentence. For example “Awaiting your response!!!!” This might portray you as rude or angry. An important trick we believe might help; if it’s a long heated back and forth, take time and breath, do not reply immediately. Walk around the office and clear your mind then you can get back to a clear insightful response.

Proofread your message: Take care to run a spelling check on your message. Re-read to check if your sentences make sense. Remember clear and concise messaging always drives the point home. Caution must be taken however, that you do not entirely rely on spell checkers. You might intend to write “sorry for the inconvenience” and instead send “sorry for the incontinence”.

Take Note of the Reply and Reply to All: This can get tricky. You might get tempted to reply to all but at times the response is only relevant to one person. However, if the email does not concern you, it is courteous for you to respond to the sending email.  A simple “received thanks.” This is just to let someone know you received the email.

While you go out to make face to face impressions with your business partners/ potential employees, you need to take care how you communicate formally online. Take care of small mistakes that could cost you championing in the professional world. All the best!